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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we're here to make your life a little better and easier, so you can spend your time on the things that really matter to you. raley's, bel air, and nob hill... for food. for family. for you. >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> he seemed like a very nice man, this caught me off-guard. >> last week he was overseeing their kids as vacation and today the principal of south bay elementary school is due in
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court to face drug charges. i michele griego. investigators say that they have been watching him for a while but he gave himself away. here is how parents are reacting and what the district is telling the school's young students. >> a lot of people are shocked and say he was a very popular principle. investigators believe that he was using and selling illegal drugs. >> it is kind of scary to send your kids to school and you don't know who is actually supervising them. >> in principle behind bars, derek lewis from mountain view elementary school busted for drugs when police found a quarter ounce of methamphetamine inside of his house and a party drug g 8 to be an scales and unmarked bills. >> that is not good. >> police made the arrest thursday evening but there were on to the principle for a while. an undercover agent started chatting with him on a dating site and he allegedly offered him narcotics and agreed to meet
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up but instead he was met by police. the confiscated drugs and the superintendent says they also took his school computer. >> we are shocked because is not something that we want for our leadership in this district, it is not anything we condone or tolerate. >> tester officials are speaking with kids, some only in kindergarten, about what happened, mr. lewis was the principal for seven years and had a stellar record and was popular with students and their parents. >> he was a good principal, everyone loved him, this will be hard for everyone. >> some find it hard to understand why this leader with 450 students looking up to him was not practicing what he preached. he was involved with drug programs designed to educate kids about drugs and discourage use. >> they're teaching them not to do drugs and stay away from that but then secretly that is what he is doing on the side. >> a sad time for the school but i think that mostly we will explain to the students that people make bad choices
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sometimes. these things happened. we need to move on. >> they're moving on by putting him on unpaid leave and have taken him off of the website and have an interim principal in place. she is on campus today. they will also send my letter with parents to better explain the situation. >> thank you. a man behind bars suspected of trying to kidnap a 9 year-old girl in san mateo. police believe the 25 year-old insulted the girl on friday afternoon at percocet elementary school in san mateo. allegedly taking her a short distance but the girl kicked him and escaped and ran back to the school. he has also been linked to similar incidents at two other public schools in san mateo and if charges are filed he will be in court tomorrow afternoon. a deadly police shooting early today in hayward, officers responded to the scene of a shooting and ended up killing the suspect. cate caugurian tells us that they believed he was about to run them over.
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>> a long stretch of the road was closed for hours as police gathered evidence at two different crime scenes. they were police say that the first one started at the dirty bird lounge before 1:00 a.m.. >> calls indicated that there had been shots fired inside of the lounge. and that someone may have been shot. >> that person was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. witnesses say the suspect fled the scene and drove to this intersection. officers were able to spot a car matching the description and as they tried to confront the suspect things turned deadly. >> the driver quickly responded by reversing his vehicle at the officers, the officers were recognized the imminent threat of deadly force on them, they stopped the suspect's actions. >> they opened fire at this car, killing the suspect. >> the motor vehicle being driven by you has to be considered deadly force and they
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responded appropriately. >> those officers are now on administrative leave, there are still several details to work out. >> these investigations take time, we're interviewing witnesses right now at the police department and the officers will be interviewed sometime soon. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a bar fight started in the first place and they say they plan on reviewing surveillance footage from nearby businesses. in hayward, cbs 5. >> a stretch of freeway was closed for three hours this morning after a pedestrian was struck and killed. the chp says that at 3:30 a.m. a man walked onto southbound 680 near the stone ridge exit and was then hit by at least two cars. all southbound lanes were closed until 6:30 p.mam . his injuries are making an identification difficult. san fransisco please holding a town hall meeting to address an officer involved shooting that prompted today's of writing in
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the mission district. some business owners spent the weekend cleaning up damage the protesters left behind. the riot started thursday night after police shot a man that they say pulled a machine-gun pistol on them. a 22 year-old who has a past weapons conviction is expected to live, the vandals also damaged cars and smashed windows and defaced the mission district police station. more trouble at the richmond refinery, the feds have launched a criminal probe into how the oil giant is running the place. the epa is trying to determine whether chevron has been intentionally routing polluting agents around monitoring equipment. the first of a suspicious two years ago and using surveillance images they determine the system had been bypassed 27 times in a four year time span. investigation is not related to last month's fire that sent thousands to the hospital with smoke related health complaints but that fire is the focus of a community meeting tonight's the
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starts at 6:00 at the richmond memorial auditorium. coming up, the bay area city providing affordable housing for thousands of families. >> with six weeks of campaigning to go, the presidential candidates are stepping up their attacks. i am at the white house with that story coming up. >> and on the heels of a meltdown, how the green dave rucker heads to rehabilitation. what that means for bay area fans with tts? >> i am lawrence karnow in the weather center in the week and was fantastic, more changes,, on your prepaid card?
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>> they will not face off until
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next week but the cadidates had a debate of sorts this weekend on 60 minutes. here is more on how they are sharpening their attacks to try and gain an edge in those critical swing states. >> mitt romney is refocusing on jobs and the economy in critical battleground states. >> the republican nominee is in colorado for a second day. polls show president obama has a slight edge. >> we keep battling forward with their message, i don't a lot of attention to the day to day polls. they change a great deal. >> on 60 minutes last night he talked about how he would boost the economy if elected. >> i will not raise taxes on middle income tax and not lower the share of taxes paid by higher income people. >> he said his challengers economic plan will not work and pushed back against the mitt romney accusation that he has failed to stand up to america's
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enemies. >> i have executed my foreign policy and is one that the american people largely agree with. gov. mitt romney is suggesting that we should start another war, he should say so. >> president obama travels to new york today ahead of his speech tuesday before the united nations general assembly. his campaign is launching a new advertisement in a high of attacking mitt romney for saying that 47 percent of americans that don't pay federal income taxes see themselves as victims. >> doesn't the president need to worry about everyone? >> mitt romney begins a bus tour of ohio tomorrow, a key state that could decide the election. >> and up and down days so far on wall street, taking a look at the big board you can see the dow is up about five points. this follows a discouraging news from europe where german business confidence fell for the fifth straight month. another factor is a drop in apple's stock after the technology giant reported sales for the eye from five that were
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lower than some analysts expected. apple sold 5 million phones in the first three days of availability. the oakland housing authority has opened up a waiting list for low-income families, the internet sign up continues until friday night, a computerized lottery will select 8000 households, nine different affordable housing sites are available including the newly renovated palo vista gardens in east oakland. a seventh disco, a club will have its last laugh after six years. the purple onion will close tonight when its lease expires. this ends a long history that includes comedy legends like robin williams, woody allen, and phyllis diller. the plan to hold a comedy marathon today. it is not the only entertainment landmark that seventh disco is losing to an expired least. the gloomier theater in not hill when it's dark after the company that runs it failed to reach a new deal with the landlord. it had been a go to spot for
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independent, foreign, and documentary films since 1967. green day has scrapped its performance in san francisco this week and that is after the bay area band announced their front man is going into rehabilitation. the announcement comes after he had a meltdown at a las vegas concert in galt and smashing a guitar onge. the band is also cancelling promotional appearances for their new album. coming up, a possible breakthrough in breast cancer treatments and you have heard at yoga is a great way to state that but could you do it when you're 90? meet a group of seniors that are proving that yoga keeps them useful. >> skies clearing out nicely now at least in some of the valleys and the day and we have a
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>> a fire that is less than 24 hours old has burned at least 20 homes in eastern san diego county, 80 more homes are threatened by this fire near the mexican border. the fire started noon yesterday and within three hours people were being told they had to evacuate the area near the camp boat indian reservation. no injuries have been reported. let's check on the weather. >> a hurricane in the pacific, fairly quiet hurricane season so far but things are picking up
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right now and as you had to the south, we have this guy standing right now. pretty nasty storm at this time, sustained winds of 120 mi. per hour. it looks like it will push into some cooler water and began to fall apart over the next 24/30 hours. by the time it makes landfall sustained winds at 40 mi. per hour making it a tropical storm but nonetheless it will carry with it lots of moister and very heavy rainfall across baja in the next 40 hours. out over the bay right now we have lots of sunshine there, looking good as we sail into the afternoon. we're going to see great weather throughout the bay as we are expecting temperatures to one of nicely. inman 72 degrees, 68 degrees in concord and 67 degrees in san jose. 80 showing up in some of the valleys and '60s and '70s inside of the bay with pettifog along the coastline, tonight low clouds and fog likely to make a return, moving inside of the
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bay. around the state you are looking at high temperatures. 90 degrees in fresno and 89 degrees in sacramento. 70 as you make your way into the high country. cooler for today but high- pressure going to start building into the bay area with temperatures warming up. computer models show more fog overnight into tomorrow morning but i think the remainder of the afternoon is looking pretty good with only patchy fog along the coastline keeping the temperatures cool and in the '50s and '60s with seventies and eighties in the south bay and as you make your way to the east bay those centers move up into the 80s. and then, looking out to the bay, not bad, 65 in san fransisco and sent to an oakland and dosimeters will stay nice and toasty, thursday and friday getting hot with some ninety's. >> we like toasty. >> except that the coast where it will be cool ... >> trader joe's recalling their house brand of peanut butter because of possible salmonella contamination. the ft reports their creamy
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salted valencia variety is the likely source of the outbreak that has made 29 people sick. more than three-quarters of those are under the age of 18. trader joe's is offering refunds to customers. some researchers say that once had a breast cancer is similar to ovarian cancer and that could lead to better treatments for both diseases. the study was published in the journal " nature " finding triple negative breast cancer and high-grade ovarian cancer show many generic features. doctors hope the two cancers could be treated with the same drugs eventually. staying active in your golden years can be challenging so you may not think that yoga is the best idea for someone in their 80's or even their nineties but patrick met a group of bay area seniors with the poses to prove you wrong. >> it is not your older married yoga class. this is not your ordinary yoga
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instructor ... she teaches seven to attend yoga class is for a week. >> 975 ... >> how you feel? >> 16. >> she lives at a retirement community in palo alto and since she has been a yoga instructor for 23 years, she created her own kind of yoga. >> the requirements for regular yoga classes to get up and down from the floor. i heard that would not work for a lot of people. so this is how i created this class. >> everyone that i spoke to said it help them without question and some people here are in their nineties, this woman says that she could not do work on the mats but this works for her. >> it has increased my range of motion, and my flexibility. and i am really thankful to lily for making yoga accessible. >> i feel more limber afterwards. and i feel fewer pains. >> she has no cartilage in her
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head and knees and says that yoga helps or avoid surgeries'. >> it kept out of the hospital. by moving a lot. >> how long does she plan on doing this? >> until i'm 60 under. >> and that most likely will not be for a long time. >> she did not look it but the three-time olympic gold medalist. jennings said that she was five weeks pregnant during the london games. this is baby #34 the bay area native and her professional volleyball husband. he plans on competing at the next olympic games in rio in 2016. coming up at noon, tony tantillo has his fall from six and a stars and surprises in hollywood, the and the upset on the biggest night in television. and a reminder that if you have a consumer problem or question, call the hot line,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the day, blackberries. right now on the market they're beautiful. they're big, juicy, and sweet and sometimes when you buy them they are so bitter but right now there's a good chance it will get a good one but you need to
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select and store them right. it is very important, like all produce items. let's talk about the election, when you buy them make sure they're big and dark like this. that is when they're loaded with flavor. if they are to read, what happens is that it will get better, that will alter its taste. check from a plastic and a sure there's no decay at all and no liquid. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away, never wash berries or any fruit or vegetable before you store them but always wash them before you enjoy them. the price is great right now on these blackberries and the flavor is out of this world. i'm your fresh grocer, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i did not watch this one yet, i tell you, it is going to be good. >> the big stars in television came out for the 64th annual primetime emmy awards last night. cbs took home 16 awards, the most among all broadcast
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networks and among the big winners, john crier, the 2 1/2 men star won an emmy award for lead actor in a comedy and the emmy for best reality series went to the amazing race. the cbs around the world competition one for the ninth time with 10 nominations for the award, it premieres this sunday night. the other top winners, showtime series homeland took home the emmy for best drama series while modern family took the stage for best comedy. log onto for a slide show of all the red carpet arrivals. the night after the awards is traditionally the start of the new fall tv season. tonight cbs launches a new comedy series called " partners " following that antics of 2 longtime friends, one is gay and one is straight. >> the schumer is a character based and it harkens back to succumbs that we all grew up with and all love. >> the multiple camera genre
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when you can see people behaving like your friends ... >> here's a look at the prime- time lineup on cbs 5, partners can be seen at 8:30 p.m., do not want to miss that, i interviewed them and they were hilarious. >> hawaii 5-0 coming up tonight also. i like those fall shows. >> that is going to do for cbs 5 ,,
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